Bryan James Gatten
Bryan James Gatten
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Solo guitarist

Bryan James Gatten

Music Genre: Rock
Song List Includes: Original compositions and improvisational, along with the occasional cover (examples: "Baba O'reilly" and "Eminence Front" by the Who)

Meet the Band

Bryan James Gatten
- Guitar
Eric Gatten - Bass
Chris Brunner - Drums

Ever since age three, when Bryan James Gatten was armed with his plastic blue Mickey Mouse guitar, music has been the centerpiece of his life. Now, the 24 year old is a consummate professional, a well-rounded guitarist who draws as much inspiration from classical pianist Glenn Gould as he does rock drummer Neil Peart. His varied influences have helped him develop skill in a myriad of styles, including rock, classical, blues jazz, and Celtic music. He has been privately educated by some of the best teachers in the area, including jazz guitarist Doug Hartline, blues guitarist Matt Smith, and classical guitarist Tom Elliott. In 2002, Gatten recorded his first CD, a blues/rock instrumental package that was dedicated to U.S. troops serving abroad. His next CD, released in 2008, was titled “Respectable Boy,” with the Bryan James Gatten Band. In 2009, Gatten released his first solo album, titled “Northscapes.” Drawing inspiration from the scenic area where he lives, the album was recorded as a complete improvisation and with only guitar.

Since 2004, Gatten has also been performing as a solo guitarist. Mixing classical guitar with electric stylings, Gatten’s solo performances have proved to be unique. Instead of the typical jazz-standards or top-40 repertoire, his solo guitar playing features many of his original compositions, which have been met with acclaim by listeners throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

“There’s something organic about how the songs came about,” Gatten says. “I try to strive to make solo guitar sound the most beautiful it could possibly be, and that’s where it always starts.” His performances also feature generous amounts of improvisation, which Gattens employs to suit the situation, audience, and room at hand.

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