A Band Called Truman
A Band Called Truman
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Original horn rock with covers sprinkled on top

A Band Called Truman

Music Genre: Rock, Horn Rock
Song List Includes: Cry Me a River, Inbetween Days, Go Tell Everybody, Los Angeles

Meet The Band
Leon Rohrbaugh Jr., lead vocals, guitar, songwriting
Tom Wilkowske, bass, vocals, arranging
Kelly Lussier, drums
Jim Pospisil, keyboards, vocals, arranging
Jessica Olson, trumpet
Dale Schimmin, trombone
Mina Hubert, saxophones
Kirby Wood, trumpet.

A Band Called Truman is an eight-member rock band from Duluth, MN, that plays original music and twisted covers of everything from Joe Cocker to The Cure. Fronted by Leon Rohrbaugh Jr., Truman plays a mix of rock, R & B, punk, pop, and offbeat stuff with an uptempo, high-energy vibe. See abandcalledtruman.com for information about booking shows. We're a big group and we bring the party!
Truman formed sometime around 2009. Original members were Leon, Tom Wilkowske, Chris Halverson-Modec and Dan Fitzpatrick. After a few gigs Fitty bowed out and was replaced by Kelly Lussieron drumkit. When Chris, bass player and high singer, departed, Truman decided to shake things up a bit by adding a horn section. Guitar player Tom Wilkowske has assumed lead bass guitar and backing vocal duties. Bios of some members (more to come): Jim Pospisil, the only real musician in the group, plays horn for the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and is a classically trained pianist. We kid you not. He plays keyboards, arranges and sings in Truman. Jim is also music/choir director at Peace Church. As if Leon didn'tt provide enough intensity for one band, Jim brings even more. It's all good. Kelly Lussier, hailing from beautiful Grand Rapids, MN, joined Truman as a metal-centric drummer but we are slowly, surely corrupting him, bringing out his inner jamming beast. (Rumor has it he used to use a double-kick pedal). He can lock into a song he's barely heard and at times likes to undermine practicing actual songs with side jams that turn into new songs, or not. Leon Rohrbaugh has been rocking the stage since he was a 6-1, 139-pound punk rocker way down in Mankato (in other words, since age 6). Leon started out as a punk rock drummer (with a soft spot for The Band - this is as weird as it sounds) but later found out it's more fun to be up front with a guitar. Upon landing in Duluth in mid-1990-something, he proceeded to play open mic nights, work at the Brew House, become an electrician, start Better World Builders and have an awesome family, all the while joining / forming bands Ballyhoo, 4 Lbs. of Pretzels, Gild, Giljunko, Hobo Alley, Sloe Loris), writing writing and writing songs as easily as you and I breathe. We are jealous. Tom Wilkowske (Purple Lightning, StinkMop, NorthernSky, Ballyhoo, Bare Common, Hobo Alley, Clear) plays lead bass and rhythm guitars, sings backup vocals, and believes he knows all regarding chords and arrangements, occasionally admitting error when all other possibilities have been exhausted. We have a lot of fun playing and we hope you'll come out to one of our shows soon. Peace, A.B.C. Truman

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