Jack and The Coax
Jack and The Coax
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Rockin' Funkin' Roll

Jack and The Coax

Music Genre: Rock and Roll, Jazz, Indie Folk
Song List Includes: Addiction, Couple of Devils, La De Da, Evil Woman, Gone, Blue, Pretty Girl, Dollhouse, Burn it to the Ground! Half of a Heart, Truth, (Covers = Anything Beatles or the Doors)

Meet the Band
Jeff Kruse - Lead guitar
Tom Lescovich - Songwriter, Rhythm, Vox
Geoffrey Randall - Drum Kit
Dustin Possehl - Bass
Matt Trice - Saxaphone

Jack and The Coax (think, drink) A band made up of musicians from all over the United States brought together in God\'s country to play sultry rock and roll tunes.

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