Larry McDonough Quartet
Larry McDonough Quartet
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Jazz off the beat path

Larry McDonough Group

Music Genre: Jazz
Song List Includes: Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mr. McGoo, Paul Simon, Ornette Coleman, Shakers, the Middle East, award-winning American poetry

Meet the Band
Larry McDonough - Piano, Vocals
Richard Terrill - Saxes
Chad Matarrese - Bassist
Chaz Draper - Drummer

Larry McDonough has been performing for over 40 years.  He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in music education from the University of Minnesota in 1978, performing on piano and trumpet, and in school ensembles with Clark Terry and Thad Jones, and for President Nixon and the President of Mexico. 

He played extensively in the Twin Cities in the 1970's and early 1980's, performing solo and in his own duos and trios.  He regularly performed at the old Night Train club in the Como Avenue warehouse area, and at the Jax Restaurant.  He also taught, and composed and arranged for high school band.

McDonough moved away in the earlier 1980's, and after returning a few years later, he performed primarily at private functions, including a performance for First Lady Hillary Clinton.  He began playing jazz publicly again in the late 1990s, performing solo and in his own duos and trios, and with BOZO allegro.  McDonough appeared on BOZO allegro's second CD, Relentlessly Cheerful.

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For Booking Information call Larry at (651) 398-8053 or email