The Slamming Doors
The Slamming Doors
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local alt folk rock band doing original tunes

The Slamming Doors

Music Genre: Folk Blues Rock
Song List Includes: Clover, Hammer To Reason, 360 Blues and many more

Meet the Band
Adam Herman
Matt Johnson
Craig Skalko
Ben Anderson
Mike Randolph

The Slamming Doors is an energetic roots band led by singer songwriter, Adam Herman. Founded in northern Minnesota, their sound has been influence by a unique culture with arich and deep musical history. With a sound that has been called "stylistic roots in Southern rock, soul and the jam-band movement," The Slamming Doors have been enjoying traveling throughout the region and have just released a new album, Road Beneath The Wheel. While many bands find commonalities that tie the members together, it's the differences in musical stylings that give the slamming doors an ever changing and dynamic sound. with Pat switching from blues guitar to bluegrass banjo, The good Dr. Skalko's jazz keys, and the rock and roll energy that pounds from Matt and Ben's rhythm section, the band manages to keep a steady grasp on their identity without being redundant. They keep the listeners on their toes, and they're all the better for it.

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