Mike, Corey, Joe, and Troy

Four piece acoustic with an accordion!

TYPE OF BAND: Original
MUSIC GENRE: Indie / Folk


Jozef Conaway - Vocals, Accordion, Tambourine
Corey Koivunen - Guitar
Michael Marcaccini - 12
Troy Ness - Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica

In the aftermath of Kurtfest '07, a group of like-minded musicians decided it was time to finally meet and make the music they wanted to hear. Mainly influenced by Modest Mouse and all of Isaac Brock's work, their style of folk rock with an experimental twist has been compared to that of the Decemberists, Tom Waits, and Califone.

For Booking Information call Joe Conaway at 218-780-0369 or email Joe Conaway at yordictrack@hotmail.com