A Brutal Agenda
A Brutal Agenda
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Combines modern rock with the guitar playing of Barry Paul

A Brutal Agenda

Open your mind to what they're trying to do! Before it's too late...

Type of Band: Think Guitar Hero... But with real instruments...
Music Genre: Modern Rock/90's Rock/Guitar Rock, Originals
Song List Includes: Pearl Jam, Weezer, Greenday, Alice in Chains, Guns n' Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, George Thorogood, and Originals. Basically a little something for any Rock fan!!!

Meet The Band

Barry Paul - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Troy Silvers - Rhythm Guitar
Dave T. - Bass/Vocals
Swann - Drums/Vocals

A Brutal Agenda gets it's name from the views of it's members. Like most people they aren't willing to compromise their views on politics, right from wrong, or even on how to park a car. A Brutal Agenda is fortunate to be fronted by one of the all-time-great rock guitar players, Barry Paul. Gigging through Minnesota and Wisconsin, crowds are being treated to songs other bands are afraid to attempt because of the amazing musicianship of the members of A Brutal Agenda. With the added bonus of original songs by A Brutal Agenda you get not only the greatest rock songs of the last few decades but a taste of things to come in rock's future.

For Booking Information call Troy Silvers at 218-391-7087 or email Troy Silvers at troy@itascaradio.com