Rock N Roll Full Tilt Boogie

TYPE OF BAND: Three Piece Power Trio
MUSIC GENRE: Rock & Blues


Willy John Blomquist - Guitar
Darrel Bloomquist - Bass & Vocals
Johnny Gee - Drums & Vocals

Willy and Gee played in The Slammers together & Willy's Thang at the Blues Fest 2000.  Darrel started his long career in Power Play and has played with Willy since 2003.  Now Gee has joined Outlaw X to reunite after" playing in different bands together" Our motto is Rock n Roll Full tilt Boogie. Our song list is long and varied.  Come check us out - always a surprise waiting!  - Willy John

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For Booking Information call Willy John Blomquist at 218-525-0674