Sweet Freedom
Sweet Freedom
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Blending edgy country and soutern rock

Sweet Freedom

Music Genre: Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock
Song List Includes: Todd - Guitar and Lead Vocals; Drake - Guitar and Vocals; Drew - Bass and Vocals; Chuck - Drums and Vocals

Meet The Band

Todd - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Drake - Guitar and Vocals
Drew - Bass and Vocals
Chuck - Drums and Vocals

From business suits to cowboy boots, Sweet Freedom's professionalism and versatility are sure to entertain any audience. Club owners, agents and fans never fail to be amazed by the skilled musical talent found in this group. A lot of bands play great music, but very few have the vocal abilities and harmonies of Sweet Freedom. Their unique blend of Edgy-Country and Southern Rock (Northern Rock), along with an infectious energy and presence on stage, captivates their audiences. Their professional attitude toward developing their musical sound and entertaining their audience continues to drive them to new levels of performance. Many bands boast a "youthful energy" while others pride themselves on being "seasoned performers;" Sweet Freedom has channeled them both. With the roots of the band running twenty-five years deep, along with new additions that have sparked new vigor and focus, Sweet Freedom attracts a wide range of listeners. Sweet Freedom has developed a strong following across the Midwest and is certain to become your favorite dance and party band.

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