Shadows Of Me
Shadows Of Me
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Original hard rock built with intricate guitar riffs, soaring solos, solid bass grooves, apocalyptic drums and powered vocals

Shadows Of Me

Music Genre: Hard Rock/ Metal
Song List Includes: Seether, Killswitch Engage, Default, Hurt, and many originals

Meet The Band

Rick - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Cory - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Travis - Drums, Vocals
Wes - Bass, Vvocals

Shadows of Me is a Minnesota-based modern rock group consisting of four amazing musicians. The music is built around intricate guitar work (most songs contain at least one solo), outstanding percussion, solid groove, and pained but powerful vocals. Drawing on songs from Rick's past the band released a 5-track 30 minute demo in March of 2006 featuring metal, acoustic rock, and everything inbetween. They released preliminary mixes of an additional 6 songs to compliment new mixes of the original 5 demo tracks in preparation for their debut LP, "Freedom From the Cocoon." This album will be recorded at Sacred Heart Studios in Duluth, MN starting with 3-5 tracks in January. These songs will be posted on all sites as soon as completed.

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