Fred Tyson
Fred Tyson
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Entertainer and his back up band

Fred Tyson

Type Of Band:
funk, R&B, soul
Music Genre: funk, R&B, soul
Song List Includes: Freddy Gonna Do, Peek-a-Boo, Ninja, Free Man, Stoned Out Of My Mind

Meet The Band

Fred Tyson - vocals
Dan Anderson - keys
Matt Livingston - bass
Ben Marsen - guitar
Eldo Abrahamson - drums

Fred Tyson is a long-time Duluthian who played with a local band called the Black Labels for about 10 years before embarking on his solo career in 2005. Fred sings classic soul, funk and R&B music that he grew up with in Buffalo, New York in the 60's and 70's. His first solo album, Thank You Fans (2005,) was a local best-seller at the Electric Fetus in Duluth for months after its release. Also an exceptional dancer, Fred has a very loyal following and his shows are among the most energetic to be found anywhere in the region.

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