The Jury
The Jury
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Variety cover band

The Jury

Type Of Band: Cover / Original
Music Genre: Variety of Rock and Funk
Song List Includes: From classic rock to modern rock, jam music, and much more!

Meet The Band

Tim Cockburn - Bass, Vocals
Mike Becker - Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Hanson- Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Travis Hilton - Percussion
Derek Holznagel - Guitar, Vocals

The Jury creates original music, uncovers the best of yesterday's rock and roll, and picks away at the current top ten. As a rock band they try to appeal to diverse audiences. Occasionally, they drift into the realm of blues, country, and even rap. Several of the band members had worked together on different projects, so it seemed natural to combine the diverse musical talents that now constitute the Jury. All in all the Jury is a rock band that has been working locally, yet also charitably for such events as Relay for Life, Bring Katie Home, and the Walk and Rock put on by the American Heart Association.

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