Two Many Banjos | The Brass Kings
Event:Two Many Banjos | The Brass Kings
Description:Live music!
Held at:Rex Bar
Address:600 E Superior St, Duluth, MN, 55802 Map It
Date Event Description Time
09/19/2014Billy Barnard - Jazz Musician ExtraordinaireEnjoy the beautiful music by the extremely talented Billy Barnard every week night (except Wednesdays) for your dining enjoyment!5PM-7PM
09/19/2014Greg HighlandsLive music!5:30PM-7:30PM
09/19/2014Maxi Childs TrioRelax to the soothing jazz and easy listening sounds of Maxi Childs and her men at the beautiful Black Water Lounge!7PM-10PM
09/19/2014Grog Time with Russ Sackett & Adam BookerLive Music!04:00 PM
09/19/2014Deja Vu DriftersLive music 05:00 PM
09/19/2014The BugsGreat old Rock Music!08:00 PM
09/19/2014Cora PedersonLive music!09:00 PM
09/19/2014The White TiesLive Variety Music!09:00 PM
09/19/2014Bluelight SpecialLive music!09:30 PM
09/19/2014BuckwildLive rockin country!09:30 PM
09/19/2014Tempted FateLive 80's Rock!09:30 PM
09/19/2014Brewhouse Octoberfest featuring Spotlight Polka BandLive polka!10:00 PM
09/19/2014Heatbox with Poison IVOne Man Hip Hop Machine, Funk Dance Party!10:00 PM
09/19/2014Jazz TimeLive Jazz!10:00 PM
09/19/2014Panty Raid | ShockerLive music!10:00 PM