Book Across the Bay

Date: Saturday, February 15

Winter in northern Wisconsin is long, dark and cold. Come late February, those residents of the Chequamegon Bay region who haven't gone off to find sun and sanity somewhere down south can get a little stir crazy. Around the holiday season in 1996, a group of people got together to talk about how to make the winter a little more bearable by giving ourselves and our neighbors something to look forward to in our own backyards. Now, we share our backyard event with friends in 7 countries!


Book Across the Bay is the upper Midwest's most unique winter event, open to skiers and snowshoers of all ages and ability levels. The 10-kilometer course, which is groomed for both classic-style and skate skiing, starts in Ashland and ends in Washburn, and follows a route not on land, but over the frozen surface of Lake Superior, the world's largest lake. The event is held at night, and the course is lit by the stars above and up to 1,000 candles in ice luminaries that line the entire route.


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