Dungeon's End
Dungeon's End
325 N Central Ave, Duluth, MN 55807
218) 624-4121
Date Time Event Description
01/20/201810:00 AMOpen WargamingWhat is your game of choice? Warhammer 40k? Awesome! Warhammer Age of Sigmar? Great! Warmachine? Super! Dropfleet commander, X-wing, Malifaux? Outstanding, incredible, neat! No matter your game, we got some tables to play on.
01/20/201812:00 PMYugioh TournamentThese events are a great way to step into Organized Play for the Yugioh Trading Card Game.
01/20/201802:00 PMPokemon LeaguePlay your favorite decks or learn to play, Earn badges and online promos, meet people who share your hobby!
01/21/201811:00 AMOpen WargamingNo matter your game, we got some tables to play on. Every Saturday andSunday is open war gaming, and you are sure to find a bunch of people pushing around models and rolling dice!
01/21/201812:00 PMMagic: Modern FormatModern allows you to use cards from 8th edition to the current set to build your deck.
01/22/201810:00 AMCasual Magic MondayCasual Magic Mondays is a great day to show up for everything Magic. Bring your favorite decks and play in a non-competitive fun environment.
01/22/201812:00 PMLegacy - Magic:the Gathering EventLooking for a higher level of competition, then try this format. Legacy is a more competitive format which allows you to use cards from any set to build your deck.
01/22/201804:00 PMDicemasters LeaugePlay up to three games each week to earn promo cards and foil packs. A great way to learn the game and meet new players!
01/22/201804:00 PMWarhammer WorkshopOur league captain will be on hand to welcome you to the community, show you how to play, and to offer tips on building, painting and modifying your armies. After the workshop you can join in on our weekly Monday league play or game days.
01/22/201805:00 PMYugioh Duelist LeagueDuelist league is a day to come in, play, trade and have fun!
01/23/201805:00 PMLiving Card Game Night
01/23/201806:00 PM Magic: the Gathering Commander NightA pod can begin when there are 4 or 5 players.
01/23/201806:00 PMDungeon's & Dragons CampaignWe have 2 groups every Tuesday & 3 groups every Wednesday using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules. These groups are great for young, old, new & experienced players, with an emphasis on fun and casual game play.
01/24/201805:00 PMMagic the Gathering League: Rivals of IxalanPlayers start with three boosters and may purchase another each week, plus another after any set of three losses.
01/24/201805:00 PMPlaneswalker Society Meet-UpA casual meet up for people who love Magic: the Gathering, new players who want to learn, or veterans just looking to hang out and play. Planeswalker Society focus on the fun and social aspects of the hobby.