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Ruckus In The Woods - Barnes, WI Music Fest

Date: Friday, August 18 06:30 PM - Saturday, August 19 11:00 PM

Venue: Town Of Barnes

2019 was the first annual of Ruckus In The Woods. It began as a dream and became an incredible reality. With local support, Ruckus In The Woods became the largest music event ever in Barnes, Wisconsin. With boating, fishing, atv trails and hunting the primary things-to-do, the event became the talk of the town(s), which led to its growth. Overall, it was a success, but there is always room for improvement.
Ruckus is coming back to town bigger, stronger and ready for round 4. As the incredible support continues to grow, so will Ruckus In The Woods. We can’t wait for you to Join Us In The Woods again in August.
Lots of hard work and trying to get schedules lined up for bands was tough! Everybody’s booked extremely far out now but we think we put together a kickass show for ALL to enjoy!! Also we are adding a Friday night show, proceeds of the ticket sales will go to the various clubs helping to staff the show!
Ruckus in the Woods August 18-19 2023
Friday Night the 18th:
Back by popular demand, everybody loved them….
Saturday The 19th:
3:30-4:30 The Fractals
5:00-630 Heidi Pack
7:00-8:30 Almostsmith
9:00-11:00 Free Fallin
Tickets will be on sale soon!
VIP can be found at PJ’s Cabin Store!